About Us

Thanks for taking your time to visit our about us page. Cool Find Items consist of two members who like to share  cool things that we find online. We hope you will enjoy your stay and that this site will be helpful to you. We will try our best to be as helpful as possible.

If you are wondering who we are, our names are Cindy and Ryan. We are currently living in the Lone Star state. If you haven’t been to it, then you should visit sometime for one of your vacations. It is a very nice state that you won’t get bored of. We have been living here for a very long time. I would say about 17 years.

Ryan is planning to major in Accounting and he likes playing video games. He is a big fan of Mario and Zelda games. He owns pretty much all of them. He also loves playing the online version of Minecraft.

As for me I like watching anime and reading manga in my free time. I sometimes do like paying video games. Currently, I am addicted to playing the “AngryBirds Fight” game on my iPhone. You get to fight with people all over the world. It is a very simple and easy game. You should try it sometime. I even got my in laws to play. LOL………

My favorite animation is “Fushigi Yuugi“. It is also called the Mysterious Play. It is a very interesting anime you won’t get bored of. The story is really good and I especially love the art. Yes, sometimes I like to draw. I just wish I could draw like those animators.